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3 Peaks Challenge Diary

So you’ve heard of the 3 peaks challenge and read our blog about how to get involved and where you can take part, but what’s it really like to complete it?

Our founder David took up the challenge with his wife of 28 years, Joanne, and completed the national 3 Peaks Challenge and also threw the Yorkshire and Welsh in for good measure, covering peaks in England, Wales and Scotland, we chatted to him about what it was like to climb 6 peaks in 5 days!

How long did the challenge take you both David?

We started on May 15th and completed the challenge by May 20th and over the course of the challenge we completed a combined height over 23,800 feet and an actual ascent 19,400 feet!

How hard/easy each part was?

When you break the challenges down, each individual mountain is an easy day. The travel from Scotland to the lakes after walking up Ben Nevis was the hardest part for me; where Joanne would say that the double mountain and the horrible afternoon weather on Cader Idris was the hardest –the smiley face on Pen y fan tells you the easiest….it was the finish after all!!

Would you recommend it?

Definitely, the opportunity is there for everyone, just stay within your capabilities or go with a group, it’s there to be enjoyed. The ‘challenges’ are the traffic and the weather, which

Did you do it for a cause?

Raising awareness of Henshaws (Society for the blind) Triathlon Team, I have been volunteering as a guided runner and tandem ‘pilot’. We h completed the Skipton Triathlon and will be competing in the Leeds Triathlon in a couple of weeks’ time.

Will you be doing more challenges?

We’re looking at the coast to coast later this summer and maybe the Pennine way next year. What would be really nice is to have people join us for some or all like they did for this challenge, add me to your crowd on do it crowd.com and let’s team up!


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