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7 golden rules for marketing your sports club

OK, so you’ve got this awesome club that you want to tell everyone about and hopefully encourage new members to join your sports or activity club. But how do you go about telling people about your great club and increase membership?

We’ve been talking about this over at the Do It Crowd HQ and these are our 7 golden rules for marketing your sports club.

1. Make a mini marketing plan

Identify the type of people you’re trying to reach; where they are active and what do you want to say to them? If you’re a sports club then your local leisure centre notice boards is probably a good way of reaching your target audience. If your club is age or gender specific then you could try making flyers to give out at sports bars, healthy food cafes or perhaps target people on social media? The point it to start with a plan and budget first!

2. Do a spot of Market Research

A good way to start is by conducting some good old-fashioned market research. You may very well do this as part of your job, so why not use your skills to help your club too? Research can help you to understand why membership has fallen recently or why a similar local club has more members. You can find other clubs of the same kind as your and see how they have been successful in promoting their clubs. Use this information to improve the effectiveness of your club’s marketing strategies.

3. Try your hand at using social media

If you haven’t done so already, set up a Facebook and Twitter page for your club and interacting and joining in conversations with the local community and any relevant groups and individuals who you think would be interested in your club. Get everyone who is already part of your club to join the Facebook and Twitter groups and ask them to spread the word to all of their family, friends and friends of their friends too!

You can upload pics onto your social media pages and show everyone how great your club is. Tell people about your upcoming events and any plans the club has in the future. The more you invest in social media time, the greater the reward will be.

4. Make some flyers or posters

Although the internet may be an easier and quicker way to reach people, your club should not ignore the powers of traditional marketing. Come up with a cool idea for a poster and flyers and distribute these to your local community and local shops. The drawback is that it is more costly than digital marketing but it could very well be worth the risk and is a ‘tried and tested’ way to get marketing your sports club.

5. Run an open day/taster session

Spread the word that your club is holding a free open day to any potential new members. Encourage existing members to come along and help to create a friendly environment and tell people about the benefits of joining your club. There’s no better way of telling people than by showing them what you do so have some great activities lined up for new arrivals.

6. Try and get Sponsorship

Many types of business both small and large like to engage in sponsorship opportunities in their local communities as it can work in everyone’s favour. They can get their logos printed on your club’s kit, equipment or even a vehicle and in return you benefit from some financial support which you can use to buy new equipment, rent some space at your local leisure centre or even invest it in some more expensive marketing!

7. Network at local events

If there’re any upcoming events in your local area relating to your club, it could be a great opportunity for you and your gang to go along and meet new people. If people are willing to attend similar events to the one your club partakes in then there’s a chance that they’ll be interested in joining your club. This could be anything from going down to watch your local sports team play to going to a social event at the local pub. You never know where you might meet the newest member of your club!

These are just 7 golden rules for marketing your sports club, there are many more out there for you to explore but we feel that these are the best to get you started on creating a buzz around what you do. Our blog on ‘Why people aren’t joining your club’ could very well help you identify why you’re not attracting new members and how to fix this.


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