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Get fit for summer

As the weather starts to get better it’s good to dust off the cobwebs and get more active, but in the back of your mind – are you already thinking about how to get fit for your summer holiday?  We all lead busy lifestyles, so how can you improve your fitness without spending 2 hours in the gym everyday or going on a diet? Here are our top tips for getting fit for summer (without really trying)…

1. ALWAYS take the stairs

It’s a simple thing, but taking the stairs whenever they are an option can really help burn some extra calories.  Harvard Medical School found that people who walk up stairs – even slowly – burn calories three times faster than when walking at a faster speed on flat. An easy win!

2. Say NO to sugar and milk

Adding sugar to your teas and coffees?  Stop!  Invest in a sugar-free sweetener and you can be cutting down your calorie intake drastically – 2 sugars per hot drink equates to 60 calories per cup, adding semi skimmed milk adds another 10.  Swap to skimmed milk and sweetener and you’re making a healthy switch, saving calories and your teeth.

3. Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast

Many nutritionists believe that a healthy metabolism gets a kick-start from a healthy breakfast, and it prevents you snacking on potentially naughty treats later in the day.  Make sure you eat a slow-burning, nutritious breakfast.

4. Keep up your water intake

Stay alert, stay hydrated.  Better water intake has been shown to increase your brain power and reduce weight gain.  Sometimes we think we’re hungry and need a snack, but actually, our brain is craving water – so get drinking!

5. Get more active 3 times a week

Get off the sofa at least three times a week and do at least 30 minutes exercise to get your heart pumping.  This will keep your weight in check and reduce your risk of heart disease when coupled with a healthy diet and no smoking!


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