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Do It Crowd is a social networking site that connects you with local activities and events so you can do more of what you love...

What is Do It Crowd?

Do It Crowd is an easy to use social networking site that lets you find activities and events in your area. Make your week more interesting, more active, more fun! Use our simple map to see what’s going on near you, and never miss out on exciting one-off events, fun clubs or meet-ups again.

Grow your crowd!

Do you have a club, group or association you want to shout about? We can help! For just £1 a week we will add you to our network so you can grow your crowd. We’ll even build your profile for you so that people can see the best of what you have to offer, just contact us and we’ll do the rest!

Be part of the crowd!

Do it crowd lets you keep in touch, arrange to meet and get involved – all with absolutely no annoying adverts. Crowd members can create events for their group or club, whether that’s as simple as meeting Mum for a coffee, or sorting out that important 5-a-side game – 100% Advert free!

Find it, Share it, Do it!

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